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Charity Heroine Nicola Tilley, ex-Director of climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in February to raise money for The Sandville Self-Help Centre.   We asked her about the experience and whether it has changed her in any way. 

Where would you like to spend a night the next time you can get away? On the top of a mountain? At the beach? In the middle of a wood?  Close to a big city? Maybe at a music festival or dog show?  If you had a Campervan or Motorhome you could choose any of these, and sleep in a different place every night – the world really is your oyster.

There is a worldwide problem of abandoned and neglected horses.  Sadly these beautiful and willing creatures have been used and abused by humankind ever since they were first domesticated.  The UK is not exempt from blame - the problem of unwanted horses has increased here in recent years, brought about by a number of variables including overbreeding, an increase in horse ownership by people with little or no previous knowledge and experience of handling and caring for equines, and the economic recession. 

 Have you tried to work out how businesses and other organisations use Social Media platforms?  Not sure which ones are for which purpose?  And no time to search them all but want to decide which one/s are worth following? If you want to be engaged with us through social media, then this guide will help you find us and decide where to follow (hopefully on all the channels, but we know there’s only 24 hours in a day!)
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The C&C team is no stranger to physical exercise, with the team participating regularly in a range of sports from cycling to horse-riding to martial arts! But Peter and Billy have just undertaken a new challenge – a 10k road run - and now they’re hooked!

‘Realising the aspirations of people with disabilities’
Able-bodied people take a lot for granted.  We expect to live comfortably in our own homes, source and prepare our own food, be able to find a job, and drive our own vehicles or use public transport to travel to places independently of other people.  We have hobbies, and dreams we’d like to achieve. We may have future expectations of achieving our personal and career potential through hard work and or education, and we are free to make choices about what we do and how we will do it.

Like many companies when planning a celebration, we were thinking of having a small balloon release to mark the launch of last month. We quickly changed our minds however, when one of our Associate charities, the Marine Conservation Society (MCS), alerted us to the awful consequences for wildlife of the current trend in releasing balloons at corporate, promotional and celebratory events. 

Books are powerful and can change lives.  They have been read and written about for centuries.

Charities are ever inventive about ways to make money, and increasingly they are working in partnership with those who wish to help them raise funds.  This story of a recent project is just fabulous, not only because of the coordination of the sheer numbers of people involved, but for the creativity that’s gone into it, culminating in the launch of an enduring product that could take the music charts by storm!


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