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Home Insurance Comparison GuideWelcome to the Compare Home Insurance page.  Please click the 'Get Quotes' button above to get a super-fast and cheap home insurance comparison from up to 40 providers through the service provided by SEOPA Ltd. You could save money and feel good too, as we will donate 25% of any profit we make to charity.

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If you would like to understand a little more about Home Insurance then why not continue to read our guide below? It will give you a brief outline of Home Insurance terminology, so you can better understand some of the keywords used within the quotes comparison results. 

Compare Home InsuranceIf you own your own home then this is likely to be the most valuable asset you have, so you’ll want to ensure it is fully protected against risks by taking out adequate insurance.  If you have a mortgage on your property then your mortgage lender will have made buildings insurance a condition of the mortgage.

There are two types of home insurance:

a) Buildings insurance

This protects the 'bricks and mortar' physical structure of your home, such as walls, roofs and chimneys. It will include attached outbuildings and any permanent internal fixtures, such as kitchen units, tiles and bathroom sinks.  The risks insured against will normally be leaks, fire, flood, storm, subsidence, theft and vandalism.  All companies will have a number of exclusions stated in their policy – check these carefully.

 b) Contents Insurance

This covers the removable objects in your home such as furniture, carpets and other furnishings, for risks such as theft and accidental damage. 

Let's examine these insurances more closely to find out what may, and may not, be covered.

Buildings Insurance

You have to be sure to compare policies on a like-for-like basis with regard to risks covered.  Note that all buildings insurance polices are NOT the same.  Companies have differing items as standard or ‘essential’, but can also provide you with cover for optional extras, or ‘comprehensive’ policies that have many additional features.  Here is a check-list of items to consult to see which ones fit into your, or your mortgage company’s MUST HAVE category and which are others that you WOULD LIKE as well if the price is right:

A No-claims Discount - Is this available for the years you have had a policy in place but have not made a claim?  Many companies will offer substantial discounts for 5 or more years claim-free. 

An adequate upper limit of buildings insurance - Some companies set this at £500,000, but given the rising costs of materials today would this be enough if your particular property had to be rebuilt? 

Provision of Alternative Accommodation - if you are literally ‘left without a roof over your head’ this will provide an allowance for you to be housed elsewhere (there will be a policy limit applied here – you’re not going to be put up in a 5* luxury hotel forever, if at all!).  
Emergency 24-hour claims helpline - It’s always handy to know that you can speak with someone who understands that accidents do not necessarily happen within business hours, and who can get a claims process into place straight away.
Legal advice line - Whose fault is it that damage has occurred?  Who is responsible for putting things to rights?  Getting correct legal advice at the outset will give you more confidence if things get complicated.   
Excess - Check the standard excess payment in the event of a claim.  You may be able to reduce your premium if you offer to pay a higher excess. 
Being older may help - Some companies offer lower premiums and discounts for the over-50’s, as this age group has been shown to claim less often than younger customers.
Additional security - If you have certain types of door and window locks installed and your home is protected by alarms these will help lower your premium.  Are you a member of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme?  You can often get ‘points’ for this too.

Contents Insurance

Which items should be insured? You would probably be shocked if you added up what it would cost to replace your possessions.  Try calculating the replacement value of all your furniture, white goods, electrical goods and gadgets, carpets and curtains for starters. A survey in recent years showed that on average people underestimate the value of their general household contents by 40%!1  According to The Telegraph, 6.8 million homes are underinsured – that’s one in four households.2  Insurers can normally offer you a 'pick and mix' policy from the following:
Accidental Damage Cover - This covers unexpected damage, such as spilling wine onto carpets, a neighbour’s child accidentally kicking a ball through your window, dropping a heavy pan and breaking the sink.  Check that Hi-Fi and computing equipment are covered.  The cover is normally on a ‘New for Old’ basis, so that older items are replaced as new; it is likely to exclude clothes. 
Personal Possessions Cover -  This would be for items such as bikes or other sporting equipment, musical instruments, and jewellery, mobile phones, portable computers / IPads etc. If you possess specialised items such as art, a vintage wine collection, gold or silver plate, guns or any miscellaneous objects of particularly high value like an antique or indoor gym equipment, you will need to check that these can be covered under the policy, but your contents insurance premium will be higher if they are included.
Keycare - Keys have an annoying habit of getting lost or they may be stolen.  This cover offers peace of mind that keys can be replaced quickly. 
Freezer contents cover - If your power if lost for more than 24 hours or the freezer door is accidentally left open then your freezer will start to defrost, spoiling the contents within.  You can add in an option to protect against this possibility. 
Garden – Having a lovely garden enhances the value and attractiveness of your home.  If you’ve developed your garden and bought garden furniture over time you may not realise just how much it is all worth.  There will be a limit on the cover per individual item.  Check that this is sufficient if you have very expensive garden tools or furniture, or hi-tech BBQs and lawnmowers.  In addition, if you have developed your garden area to include a swimming pool or tennis court, for example, or have valuable plants and trees, you may want to make sure your policy covers the true replacement value of these items. 
Children’s contents – Some insurers will offer an option to have extra cover for your children’s belongings when they are at University or College.

Buildings and Contents Insurance
The market for home insurance is highly competitive, so it will pay you to use to compare home insurance prices from a number of different companies before making your decision regarding which policies meet your requirements.  Whether you need a quote for a bedsit, a maisonette, a flat, terraced house, semi-detached or detached, you're certain to find a great deal.  You can also use us to search for quotes for home office insurance thanks to the specialist comparison service provided by SEOPA Ltd.  

Jargon Buster
Home Insurance Comparison
Reading all the terms and conditions of a home insurance policy document can be off-putting due to the very many ‘jargon’ words and phrases insurance companies use.  Boost your understanding of these with Saga’s ‘Jargon Buster’.3

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