Dog Rescue trials 'Blind Date' matching to help you find your 'Pawfect Pal'!

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Our Featured Charity Finding Furever Homes is inviting people to take part in a “blind date” experiment leading up to Valentine’s Day in order to set them up with their ‘Pawfect Pal’ - where would-be adopters are matched to dogs without appearance playing the leading part in choice.
The charity's recent ‘Black Dogs Rock’ social media campaign highlighted the plight of black dogs being overlooked for adoption in favour of their lighter coated peers - a phenomenon that many other rescue centres have experienced too. Now the charity is taking this idea one step further – by keeping the appearance of their rescue dogs a secret and asking those looking to adopt a dog to allow FFH to suggest one based on their suitability matched to requirements.
It may require a leap of faith, but Andrea Newton, of Finding Furever Homes, says: “We often find people choose dogs based on how they look, rather than how suitable they are. Dogs are regularly signed over to rescue because they do not fit in with their new owner’s lifestyle ore returned to a rescue after realising the reality of their choice.  A classic example being our recent advertisement of a new dalmation pup for adoption – with over fifty people madly applying for it based on its looks and a Disney film yet not knowing much about Dalmation traits! Whereas four other lovely new dogs received NO expressions of interest!”

The fab four overlooked in favour of a flashy Dalmatian - George, Ginger, Lottie and Tico. 

Andrea continues, “What we want to do is encourage people to choose the dog that is right for them, rather than the one they like the look of.”
Between now and Valentine’s Day, the charity will be replacing some photos of dogs on their website and Twitter feed with black silhouettes, and focusing on the characteristics and traits that best describe the dogs using the hashtag #PawfectPal. 
Andrea added: “Just like with people, although looks may be what initially attracts you, it is personality that makes a relationship last – and dogs are no different. Put a little faith in us and we can find the ‘Pawfect Pal’ for you. You should never judge a book by it’s cover, so please don’t judge a dog by the awwww factor!”
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