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Our Featured Charity, Finding Furever Homes, which sponsors kennels in Shropshire, is repeating a recently-made call for people to make certain they are Rescue Ready before giving a rescue dog a home - in lightHoney of a recent run of dogs being returned to kennels. Owners cite a variety of 'change of personal circumstances' reasons for handing the dogs back, NOT that the dogs have done anything wrong to warrant their return to rescue.  A heart-breaking example is the case of Honey, a two-year-old crossbreed bitch originally found starving in a back-yard, and who had been happily living with two young children in her adopted home, but now returned to rescue after her owner fell pregnant with her third child. 

Andrea Newton, Trustee for the charity, said: “Honey’s story is not atypical and happens all over the UK every week. Dogs are signed over to rescue due to a ‘change in circumstances’, leaving them confused and alone – often not for the first time in their lives.”
She added, “Our Rescue Ready campaign is designed to reinforce the importance of committing to a dog for life – not until pregnant, promoted, or parting company with a spouse or partner. A dog is family and should be ‘furever’.”
In addition to Honey, Finding Furever Homes have had the following dogs returned in the past few weeks alone:
·         Rosie – a two year old Rottweiler-cross returned to kennels after a change in her owner’s work circumstances.
·         Kenai & Koda – two crossbreed puppies just 14 weeks old returned to kennels due to their owner’s unexpected pregnancy.
·         Esme – a four year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier signed over to the charity because of a relationship breakdown.
·         Bruce – a three year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who finds himself in rescue due to a family split up.


Photo gallery: from left to right: Rosie, Kenai and Koda, Esme (Bruce is now reserved).

Although many of the dogs are housed in kennels in Shropshire, the charity is happy to re-home anywhere within the UK, subject to suitable home checks and a pledge from the adopter to be Rescue Ready and committed for the long term.
Andrea said: “As a charity, we do as much as we can to find appropriate adopters and offer them ongoing support, but at the end of the day people also need to be prepared to make smart decisions, put in the hard work and commit to their dog for life.”
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