Finding Furever Homes: 4 women, 330 dogs and £100,000 - a two-year success story!

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The Finding Furever Homes Charitable Trust was formed in 2013 when four middle-aged women got chatting on Twitter about how bad the rescue dogs situation was in the UK.  So many dogs losing their lives, and rescue organisations desperate for funding.  From that chatting, a big idea was born.

Finding Furever Homes - the TeamCelebrating the second anniversary as a charity, these four middle-aged women with full time jobs, families, children, and dogs of their own are still committed to their original intention: Making a difference, one dog at a time.  So far they have made a difference to the 330 dogs that they have helped into Furever Homes, and to the other dogs whose lives have been saved with over £100k raised.

The women never set out to become a rescue per se, or compete with any other rescue;  they knew that hands-on rescuing just wasn’t feasible for them, and actually, the rescuing was something that others already did very well.   What those rescues lacked was the time, manpower and expertise around the rehoming process - attracting potential homes, vetting and screening them, and making sure they were ‘Rescue Ready’, whilst also promoting the dogs to a much wider audience than the small rescues themselves could manage.  Thus Finding Furever Homes had an aim and a purpose.

Pictured left to right are: Nic Flanagan, Andrea Newton, Lindsey Dale and Carol Simpson

Andrea Newton, from Chorley in Lancashire, Founder and Trustee says, “Small rescues often go unnoticed – they can’t compete with the TV advertising budget that the big boys have, so they are constantly trying to self-promote, but when you have a kennel block full of dogs where do you get the time? And how many rescuers have the necessary marketing expertise?

“Now we have the perfect partnership with our rescue organisations – they look after the dogs and we do the marketing, awareness-raising, promoting the dogs, raising funds to support them etc. They do what they are good at and we do what we are good at, and as a team our dogs do well. We may only be small but our passion and determination as a team of four is huge!

“We have a fantastic group of loyal supporters both on social media and locally.  We have foster families now as far afield as Bristol, Derby, Manchester and Liverpool; and the kennels that we now sponsor in Shrewsbury, Liverpool and Rotherham have good local support too.  We have achieved a lot in two years but there is still an ENORMOUS amount left to do. In a throw-away society where everything is disposable, fast and not made to last, our attitude as a nation of dog lovers is very shoddy.  Dogs are dying every hour in the UK due to irresponsible ownership and unnecessary breeding. People give up on their dogs as easily as they do their gym membership in February and it is very, very sad.

“So much activity around animal welfare in this country relies on a huge band of volunteers who do what they do for NO salary but simply because they care. I am proud of my team , my middle-aged, dog-loving, dedicated team which day-in, day-out shows more commitment to these dogs than any owner ever did and we are proud of the difference we have made so far.”

Finding Furever Homes is a registered UK charity and is always on the look-out for volunteers to help with fundraising, home-checking, dog-walking, and fostering.  For further information about its work, the dogs available for rehoming, or upcoming events, please get in touch via the website but if you don’t get an immediate response, bear in mind that the team is probably at work earning a living, walking the dog, or putting the kids to bed! has chosen Finding Furever Homes as its Featured Charity and will donate 25% profits to the charity until further notice.

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