Ozzy joins the CareandCompare team as junior office dog!

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We're delighted to introduce our new addition to the office dog team - little rescue cockerpoo Ozzy, who takes up position as office junior to established senior, Seren.  

After supporting  Finding Furever Homes (FFH) as our Featured Charity last year we were made aware of the huge dog rescue problem in the UK.  Many thousands of abandoned dogs are in need of homes, and those who end up in the pounds are put to sleep after 7 days if not claimed or removed by rescues.  Dog rescue charities like FFH do sterling work in saving as many dogs as possible from this horrible fate by providing kenneling spaces and foster homes until permanent new homes are found.  We were inspired by this charity to make the decision that our next dog would be a rescue.

Ozzy's story is not typical but it is sad.  Bought for £800 from a breeder at 6 weeks old (too young to leave his mother), Ozzy's family handed him into the pound some weeks later, unable to cope with his boisterous behaviour and nipping around the children any longer.  He was saved by a dog rescue charity and put into a foster home to be assessed.  Then he was rehomed to another family who went away on holiday a few weeks later, leaving Ozzy in the care of grandparents.  On the family's return, Ozzy was taken home again, and soon afterwards, this family too said they did not want to keep him.  So back into foster he went, and then was transferred to a more suitable foster, from where we rehomed him at 17 weeks old.  We were made fully aware of his problems - hyperactivity, possession aggression, distrust of children and strangers, but liked him straight away and agreed to adopt him and work through the issues.  We believed he deserved some stability and a good chance to prove he could turn into a model citizen.  Dogs with behavioural problems and black dogs in particular can be more difficult to rehome - the 'black dog' syndrome' is well known to the rescues - FFH run regular campaigns on 'Black Dogs Rock!' in an effort to generate more interest in their residents of that colour.  

Six weeks later, and much patient training along the way, we are so proud of our little guy.  He is very happy and settled and is a lot of fun to have around.  He has stopped pulling on the lead and trying to drag the walker into the path of oncoming traffic, and he has stopped jumping on the furniture and kitchen surfaces like a thing demented!  His food aggression has gone and he will play happily with Seren, sharing toys.  He sits and lies down on command, and will sit automatically at every kerb and wait patiently to cross at heel when told to do so.  We're working on his recall and his over-interest in Zoltar, the office cat!  Seren has been very clear about office protocols and who is in charge, and since she is extremely well-behaved (and owns a Bronze Good citizen award) Ozzy has a good role-model to follow.  

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